Changing the way your thing about communicating

Powerful Struggles

by John W. Maag, PhD


A fresh look at addressing noncompliance in the classroom.

If you want to change a student’s unpleasant conduct, modify your own behavior. This is the premise of Powerful Struggles, a fascinating study in the nature of resistance and a valuable new resource for teachers.

Author John Maag explains that if you understand the psychological makeup of a noncompliant student and you know how to apply new behaviors to an undesirable situation, you can dramatically transform a rebellious attitude. With this powerful tool, you will learn to identify the frame of reference out of which a defiant student operates, what function a negative behavior serves, and how to replace resistance with compliance. You will also learn techniques for building rapport (important in creating affable student/teacher relationships) and helpful tips for keeping your emotions in line.

With behavior modification that starts with the teacher, Powerful Struggles is making a positive impact in classrooms across the country. It can do the same in yours.

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