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Peculiar Tracks for Detrailing Resistance

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by John W. Maag, PhD and Suzanne E. Kemp, PhD


This new book by Drs. John Maag and Suzanne Kemp is based on Dr. Maag’s most popular workshop topic: Managing Resistance. For years people have asked Dr. Maag if he had a handout that they could follow while attending his workshops. Now it’s here! This book is perfect for workshop participants. They can follow along during the workshop or read it on their own. Every teacher should have this book the corner of his or her desk.

The book uses a train as a metaphor for resistance and how to manage it by using unconventional techniques. It is chock full of practical examples of how to deal with such child problems as swearing, lying, passive-aggression, making animal noises, and arguing. There are illustrations that accompany each chapter and techniques.

The price of the book is only $14.00. And, organizations that hire Dr. Maag to conduct one or two day workshops on the topic of managing resistance may purchase 30 or more copies for the very low price of $11.50!

Once you have read this book, you will feel empowered to work with students with the most challenging behaviors. And, you may then want to purchase the book Powerful Struggles. It provides more in-depth coverage of ways to manage resistance.

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